Very few people have the luxury of starting a home-based Network Marketing business without having to juggle with finances, primary employment, kids, family, and the list goes on.  Many people have the desire to  create this kind of a business, but they are not sure how to find the time to make it work with all the other tasks and duties that are already their responsibility.  If you are considering such a decision, you might want to consider the following ways that you can find the balance; you can make it happen! There are two secrets I would like to share – one is about time and the other is about selecting the right business.

Blocking the Time

You are not alone!  Virtually everyone who ever decided to shift from employed to self-employed suffered the same anxiety, “How am I going to fit in something else?”  One of the primary keys is truly about blocking out specific time for specific activities and knowing that if you can discipline yourself for this time that you will find yourself more capable than you first thought.  Most home businesses can be managed in roughly four hours per week.   Don’t think you can find that many extra hours?  Simply shift your thinking and your expectations and decide how long you want to work to make this transition happen.

You might want to put your toes into the water, so to speak, with just a couple of hours a week, until you get the hang of blocking out your time.  This way you can get a good feel for which hours actually work best for you – – around your already existing schedule.  You might also have to have a little heart to heart with yourself about your expectations as to how quickly you want to shift from your JOB… maybe  you would prefer getting up an hour earlier each day, or make some other time sacrifice, knowing the ultimate benefit you gain in the time to build your place as an entrepreneur.

Much of what will happen really comes down to your mindset and the amount of personal motivation you have in getting the results you acknowledge you desire.  You must, simply must, look at this venture as one of “creating a business” and not just entertaining some hobby that might or might not work out.  Ask yourself the hard question before you consider such life-altering changes:  “Am I willing to create the necessary time and commitment to succeed – no matter what?”  Your answer will drive your results!   If the answer is yes, if you want something badly enough, you will make it happen.  It takes consistence and persistence to run any business – and you are stepping up the pace just a bit when you decide to put forth the effort and energy to create a different future for yourself and your family.

Making the Right First Choice

Many people run around in the proverbial circle – not sure what the best home-based business would be for them.  They fall prey to every sharp sales person who offers them an “opportunity” to strike it rich.  I just spent the better part of an hour glancing through  a home-based business magazine.   Now, one would think that if someone had the revenue to advertise in such a magazine would a) be doing well financially, and b) be totally on the up and up.   Well, let me tell you… just for fun I did a bit of due diligence on a couple of the expensive full page ads and found that one is a know Ponzi scheme and another one that had 38 scam reports on just one directory!

However, due diligence aside – there are a number of really great Network Marketing companies available for you to use as the foundation of your home-based business, if that is your choice.  The bigger question is more personal in nature – what business would be really attractive to you?  You might be stressed out and just looking for a lifestyle change.   That is a good place to be, provided you look into the many options that are available to you and select one that is interesting, appealing, and matches your core values.

Once you have decided that the opportunity is a good one, that you will get adequate support and training, and that you can actually accomplish what you set out to achieve… your next step toward wrapping up that first best choice about becoming an entrepreneur is to make the shift in your mind from being an employee to that of being a business owner!  Trust yourself that you have made the right decision; trust yourself that you can make it happen; trust yourself to seek out the training or other resources you may require; and trust yourself to have courage and an open mind!

The primary difference in mindset is that this will all be up to you… it can be done and becoming a successful entrepreneur works – provided – you are willing to work at it and make it happen with the attitude of Lisa Nichols, “No Matter What!”  It will always come back to your being personally responsible for the work that does or does not get done.  If you have made the right first choice you will know it… you will never look back and the financial gain you desire will become the by-product of working harder than you ever worked for your employer – doing something that you love!

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Note:  I mentioned Lisa Nichols in this article – if you have not read her book, and you are in the mood to be MOTIVATED… you might just want to slip over to Amazon and get a copy… it is a great, and memorable read.   One of those books that – if you read it at just the right time of your life, will give you the most amazing kick in the seat of the pants you could hope to experience! If you are considering making that transition from JOB to self-employed…  NOW would be the perfect time to read it.

No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love

Attention:   Network Marketer!

If I could leave you with just one key shift in your thinking it would be to impart the message that Network Marketing is a business endeavor just like any other.  The primary purpose is to create a business that can sustain the lifestyle you desire and that can only be accomplished if you make a profit!

Your decision to create a work from home business was probably inspired by what is frequently promoted as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with having hundreds or thousands of people either purchasing your product or being recruited by you.  The reality becomes how to survive the first six months to two years.  I don’t want to cast a cloud of doubt over your motivation – I want to have you stand in the face of reality, knowing what you have before you so that you can best work with that… to your ultimate benefit.

The reality is that virtually every new Network Marketer in a new industry goes through at least a six-month trial period where the biggest challenge is sustaining adequate cash flow while you work through a serious learning curve.  The failure rate for traditional start-up businesses is 98% at two years of operation; that figure is no more favorable in Network Marketing ventures.  Far too many people become involved in Network Marketing because they are already close to or at the end of the proverbial “financial rope.”  Unfortunately, they come into the game strapped for cash and are often enticed to spend more than they earn and at the end of three to six months they have no reserves to sustain their business building efforts.  The next step – they quit and experience no success – which they might have if they had approached that beginning differently!

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One last note… I applaud you as a Network Marketer – I believe this business model, when worked in tandem with basic best business practices and principles, will be the key to a future when we once again have a thriving economy.   My passion is that I help you keep burning the passion of the Entrepreneur that will drive you forward on your journey to success.

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