The One Minute Cure

An interesting book recently came to my attention, and although the author, Madison Cavanaugh, is not a physician, we do have a powerful information from an avid medical researcher with over 30 years of studying natural and wholistic approaches to healthy living and contributions to natural health magazines and publications. Whether there is more hype than validity in this book may remain to be seen; however, if we are to continue to empower ourselves relative to our personal health choices, it at least warrants a review.

Sufficiency of Blood Oxygen

From a purely scientific background, studies prove the body’s need for sufficient amounts of oxygen in the blood and cells in eradicating disease-stimulating microorganisms. The effectiveness is found only when oxygen is delivered not just to the lungs or bloodstream, but directly to the body’s cells and tissues. Over time, most of us do not get proper amounts of oxygen to our cells and tissues. Many things contribute to this deficiency, including poor air quality, over-cooked and over-processed foods, abuse of antibiotics and activities that naturally deplete our oxygen supply.

Oxygenation Therapy/ Bio-Oxidative Therapy

Many practitioners promote deep breathing to increase oxygen supply, but medical resources note that only 15% of the oxygen we inhale is absorbed into the bloodstream. We must find another way… Consider Oxygenation Therapy or Bio-Oxidative therapy. Oxygenation therapy serves to stimulate the movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells and tissues of the body – creating a healthier, oxygen rich environment… an environment in which the body destroys diseased cells. It is known that most bacteria, virus and fungus are extremely intolerant of oxygen. Additionally, healthier cells are then able to survive and in their increased multiplication, creates a naturally stronger immune system.

Make it a good read…

If you would like to know more about a scientifically supported therapy that supports a body where disease does not thrive, “The One Minute Cure” will be a good read.

The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases

Guest author: Anna Weber
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